Press Reviews

"Deborah Reece... who'd created a local buzz with her vocal work with progressive band... and rock group...The buzz then became more of a roar as Reece quickly established herself as one of Athens' premier vocalists."
- Classic City Live!

"It doesn't matter who she's singing with, she sounds great!"
- Don Simonds, Classic City Live!

"Deborah Reece used to be a familar byline as an incisive movie reviewer in the Observer; other Athenians know her as a familiar afternoon voice on WGAU. But to an increasing number of folks, Reece's reputation is musical, as the lead singer of Plat Eye Blue, and backup vocalist for The Randall Bramblett Band."
- Athens Observer

"The Randall Bramblett Band includes longtime collaborator Davis Causey, whose guitar virtuosity has by now drained musical lexicography of any further adjectives left to those who would attempt description, except "damned good." The same could be said (and often is) about songstress Deborah Reece's mellifluous wails..."
- Pete McCommons, Flagpole

"Local Blues gods (and Goddess) Plat Eye Blue will once again fill the Lighthouse with some truly soulful sounds on a two night stand... Come see what a movie critic knows about singing the blues."
- Flagpole

"The principal attraction of Plat Eye Blue is local legend/former Live! filmcrit Deborah Reece about whose powerful singing voice many tales are told. One guy went so far as to suggest that she's the "only" singer in town. She's certainly one of the few exceptional ones. Her work has clarity, forthrightness and style, excellent taste and a gritty punchiness that carries Plat Eye Blue way out of the realm of whining bar band hell."
- Liz Ireland, Feedback, Classic City Live!

"Deborah Reece is a truly gifted vocalist crossing that range between blues-gospel to blue-eyed rocks my soul to hear it. You don't need to know much about the blues to let the music punch you in the gut and fill those empty caverns in your pathetic, lonely soul. Need a lift? Get on this good stuff. It's inspirational." (A)
- Hillary Meister, Flagpole

"Lead vocalist Deborah Reece has this wonderful, warm alto voice. She can still get into some real high registers but she's got this warm gutsy voice. She can be a shouter if she wants to, but there's much more finesse in her voice.
- Flagpole interview with producer, Guy Goodman

"And for all those frantic readers who haven't found the name they are looking for, YES, the lady with the voice of an angel, Deborah Reece will round out the list of incredible musicians who will play and sing for this special concert... My favorite component of the Randall Bramblett Band completes the line-up. Singer Deborah Reece has the range and pipes to really rock the Morton with her wonderful voice."
- Dan Matthews, The Athens Observer